UGallery, My Curated Collection


Beauty in decay. Sacred and profane. Self-reflection. These are a few of the themes I worked with when choosing 40 pieces for a collection on


A peeling wall unveils its history.  A figure is obstructed by water droplets and chain link fence. A piano no longer plays. 



Large_Amish_HolidayA woman covers her head, revealing only her face.  A woman has unbuttoned pants, her face unseen. A child is unabashedly at play. These juxtapositions, either within a piece, or by abutting two disparate images together, are my attempt to slow down, and reveal something richly human in our frenzied world.


I was remarkably surprised at the array and quality of art available at UGallery.  These are accomplished, complex artists, working true to themselves, and we are lucky to have access to such pieces.

Eyes_by_Talia_RainykAll of the work is available for purchase, and they even offer a free trial option if it doesn’t match your couch.  But please don’t buy art to match your couch. Support these artists, and acquire art that means something to you.

(Images top to bottom: 1. Spanish Rain by Gregor Hochmuth 2. Dead Piano by Beat Hauser 3. Wendy by Carolyn Schlam 4. Hot Pants by Xiwen Chen 5. Amish Holiday by Malia Pettit 6. Entering by Illia Krasnoshchok 7. Eyes by Talia Rainyk)


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